Loan Application Form


Terms & Conditions for Loan Application

By submitting the Online Application for loan,
a) I hereby warrant and represent to Outer Trust Credit Services that the particulars and information furnished by me therein are true and accurate. Further, I am aware and agree that approval of this application is at Outer Trust Credit’s sole discretion, and that Outer Trust Credit Services is entitled to reject the application without assigning any reason or notice to me.
b) I agree that if any of the information given herein becomes inaccurate or misleading or changes in anyway, whether before the application is approved or while the Loan is existing, I shall immediately notify Outer Trust Credit Services of such changes.
c) I also, irrevocably and unconditionally consent for Outer Trust Credit Services to share or release any information relating to me with you to any other party or source as may from time to time deem fit at your own discretion and without any liability or notice to me.
d) I authorise and give consent to Outer Trust Credit Services to conduct credit history checks and verify information given in this application with any party (including, without limitation, with any credit bureau or any other organisation or corporation set up for the purpose of collecting and providing information relating to the credit standing of persons) without reference to me.

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