Payday Loan

Payday loan in Singapore is a convenient cash advance loan that allow you to get some cash on rainy days and have it paid back on your next payday.

At Outer Trust Credit Services, Payday loan in Singapore is offered to our preferred customers, who have built up significant credit ratings previously with us. Our Payday loan in Singapore offers flexible repayment as you can choose to repay in bi-weekly terms or monthly terms. Repayments for Payday loan in Singapore usually arranged to Giro, whereby you can indicate your paydate to us and it will be automatically deducted. This form of repayments for Payday loan in Singapore thus save you hassle and money you might have to spend on additional charges should you forgot about the payment date for your Payday loan in Singapore.

Click here to apply for Payday loan in Singapore, or call 6292 0119 for our customer relation officer’s assistance.



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